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Rebecca Howell

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The School

Esher Ballet School's aim is to provide in-depth ballet training for young individuals who aspire to be professional ballet dancers. Our Private Coaching tuition is dedicated to achieving excellence in highly personalised Classical Ballet training. The School caters for each individual ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention through our expertise. Our passion for ballet and teaching gives each child the very best opportunity to develop their individual dance ability together with the very best opportunity to enjoy dancing.


  • Creative and fun ballet classes to capture your child’s imagination and love for dance
  • Students have the opportunity to take The Royal Academy of Dance examinations
  • Prior to exams or auditions students have the opportunity to receive extra coaching
  • Ballet teacher DBS cleared and registered with The Royal Academy of Dance 
  • Classes taught by a teacher of The Royal Ballet School Associates. 



Please follow the link for Esher Ballet School's specified uniform for our RAD Ballet Classes.